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From New York Comic Con 2017, Villain Media has an exclusive interview with Twiztid as they discuss their Haunted High-Ons One Shot Special (Source Point Press). The horrorcore rap group from Detroit, Michigan, quickly realize being ghost hunters isn’t exactly what it’s cracked up to be, especially when the supernatural starts hunting them.  As we previously mentioned, Jamie Madrox and […]

Dance To The ‘Game of Thrones’ Theme With Chvrches!

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Posted 4/11/13 2:00 pm EST by MTV Geek in Game of Thrones, TV By Jorge Solis When you’re listening to the “Games of Thrones” opening theme, don’t you ever wonder if you could somehow dance to this type of music? One band thought exactly that and recorded their performance on video. From their official YouTube […]

The Indie Rock Of ‘Game of Thrones’

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Posted 4/19/13 12:39 pm EST by MTV Geek in Game of Thrones, TV By Jorge Solis During last Sunday’s episode, what was more surprising to you, the viewer? Were you shocked as hell with what happened to Jaime Lannister? Or, was it the song playing during the end credits? Let’s check out how indie music […]

Shedding Light on “DARKCHYLDE,” Part Two

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Originally published at on July 17, 2011 Today we continue our conversation with Randy Queen, creator/author of Image Comics’ DREAMS OF DARKCHYLDE VOL. 1 (see part one here). Topics include the planned film version of his comic, to be directed by no less than John Carpenter! FANGORIA: You are also the artist, as well […]

Harley Poe: “WRETCHED. FILTHY. UGLY.” (CD Review)

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Originally published at on May 16, 2010 One of the most distinctive albums of the year, WRETCHED. FILTHY. UGLY. combines the jittery, hyperactive feel of acoustic folk rock and the trashiness of horror movies. The band behind it, Harley Poe, fabricates a unique sound all its own. Singer/songwriter Joseph Whiteford has composed a collection […]