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At Bloody Disgusting (Bloody-Disgusting.com), Comic Book Resources (ComicBookResources.com), Fangoria Entertainment (Fangoria.com), MTV Splash Page (MTVSplashPage.com), mtv Geek (MTVGeek.com), and MStars News (MSTARSNEWS.COM), Jorge Solis contributed various REVIEWS, EDITORIALS, and interviews of comic book AUTHORS and ARTISTS. Many of his articles have also been published In FANGORIA’S OFFICIAL MAGAZINE.

Solis haS interviewed high-profile personalities, such as Max Brooks (Author of World War Z), WWE Superstars Kane and Hornswoggle, Lance Henriksen (Aliens), Michael Imperioli (Sopranos), Stephen Moyer (True Blood), James Marsden (X-Men), WILLIE GARSON (WHITE COLLAR), MARGARET CHO (Dancing With The Stars), ORLANDO JONES (SLEEPY HOLLOW), CHRISTOPHER GORHAM (Covert Affairs), DAVID COSTABILE (The Wire), And JASON ISAACS (Harry Potter And thE Chamber of Secrets).

At MTV GEEK, Solis Has contributed Comic Book Reviews, Top Ten Lists, and Interviews with Steven Moffat (Doctor who) and Joe Quesada, Chief Creative Officer at Marvel Entertainment.

Check out the IMDB Page of Jorge Solis’ short Film, DREAMLAND

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You Can watch the Short Film HERE.