“WITCH DOCTOR” #2 (Comic Review)

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Originally published at Fangoria.com on Jul 29, 2011

Loaded with fresh wit and originality, WITCH DOCTOR #2 (Skybound) is a helluva terrific comic book for fans to pick up. In fact it’s safe to say this is the issue where the WITCH DOCTOR mini-series has found its voice. It’s a sick world out there with parents being terrified by strange acting infants, but Dr. Vincent Morrow couldn’t be less interested…

Dr. Morrow thinks pediatric calls are just the worst. It isn’t the children that bother him, it’s the parents, and he rolls his eyes when he gets a terrified call from someone referring to their child as an, “it.” Paying the family a visit, Morrow is shocked when he enters the baby’s room to find the child speaking to him in a booming, demonic voice. It isn’t long before the doctor discovers what’s truly wrong with the baby. Lying in the crib is actually a Cuckoo Faerie; a parasite that has evolved to mimic humans, in this case disguising itself as a baby. While the parents are sleeping, the Cuckoo Faerie feeds on children, draining them of blood and energy. This discovery instantly extinguishes any interest Morrow has in the case, but walking away from this one won’t be so easy.

It turns out the mother is a Faerie Queen and has been stalking hospitals in Arkham, Oregon, kidnapping babies from nurseries. It is up to ex-paramedic Eric Gast to convince the ambivalent Dr. Morrow to reconsider his stance and return to what has evolved from a single case into a full blown Faerie infestation. With so many young, innocent lives at stake, Eric wonders if there’s enough time to save them all.

In this entry Author Brandon Seifert reveals the back stories behind his cast.  We see Penelope “Penny” Dreadful’s full nocturnal abilities in action, and discover more about the origin of Morrow and Eric’s mentor/protégé relationship, explained in dialogue and, thankfully, not in typical flashback style. The highlight of the issue is the bloody final battle between the Faerie Queen and Morrow backed by his medical staff, a sequence that really allows the audience to see the full ensemble working together.

The distinctive artwork by Lukas Ketner is a major reason to buy this issue. Ketner expertly combines the dark humor and slapstick comedy of Seifert’s writing, providing many laugh-out-loud moments for the reader.

Highly recommended, WITCH DOCTOR #2 is a great read from start to finish!