“HACK/SLASH #6” (Comic Review)

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Originally published at Fangoria.com on July 29th, 2011

HACK/SLASH #6 (released July 20th from Image Comics) succeeds at being a bloody, smart and hilarious take on popular culture. The story centers around a celebrity-obsessed stalker being tracked by slasher slayer Cassie Hack, who comes to question her own actions and motives as things progress. If you are unfamiliar with the HACK/SLASH series, #6 will be a perfect introduction…

Cassie awakes with a scream, sure she has witnessed the stabbing of Art Projekt, a Lady GaGa-wannabe, after a concert. Chalking it up to a nightmare, Cassie is shocked to catch a news report about the pop singer’s real life death. Vlad, Cassie’s loyal sidekick, listens carefully as she vividly recounts what happened in her dream. Could Hack/Slash Inc. be dealing with another dream slasher? With a long list of enemies, Cassie wonders if one of them has returned from the grave, and after her last encounter, she knows she doesn’t want to do battle in the dreamscape again. It soon becomes clear this dream slasher wants Cassie’s attention and is willing to invade her mind to get it. What could the connection be between her and the celebrity killer?

Creator and author Tim Seeley is clearly having a lot of fun with this storyline. With one joke after another, Seeley takes a satirical stab at the music industry, reality TV shows (spoofing JERSEY SHORE with DOUCHE BEACH, for one), and celebrity tabloids. Even if you’ve never heard a Lady Gaga song or have never watched an episode of reality television, you’ll find Seeley’s blend of humor and horror as accessible as it is entertaining.

Daniel Leister’s artwork is the perfect compliment to the satirical message. The characters on DOUCHE BEACH will be instantly recognizable, and readers can clearly pinpoint who Leister is referencing with outrageously-attired singer Art Projekt.

With so much to enjoy, comic book fans should definitely check out HACK/SLASH #6!