Spider-Men 2: Brian Michael Bendis & Sara Pichelli’s Sequel

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Back in 2012, Marvel made the wise and smart move of having their popular superheroes crossover from their alternate universes in the best-selling superhero miniseries, Spider-Men. By popular demand, Miles Morales and Peter Parker return for more web-swinging action in the long-awaited sequel, Spider-Men II.

In the first collection of Spider-Men, Peter Parker unexpectedly becomes stranded in the Ultimate Universe. Lost in Earth-1610, Parker discovers he is actually dead in this parallel universe and someone else has taken over the Spidey mantle. Upon their first meeting, Miles Morales, the Ultimate Spider-Man, unexpectedly finds himself at odds with the Amazing Spider-Man. They will discover if the universe is really big enough for two Spider-Men swinging around.   

According to Marvel, writer Brian Michael Bendis and artist Sara Pichelli will reunite, along with colorist Justin Ponsor, for the highly anticipated follow-up. After living together in Earth-616, Miles and Peter found themselves in cosmic battle in Secret Wars and fighting against the future in Civil War II. Now these friendly neighborhood superheroes will re-team once again for another big event.

Here’s why The Writer Without Fear is excited for the upcoming sequel:

1. A Great Introduction

I didn’t know much about Miles Morales before reading Spider-Men. Bendis conceived a narrative that would work for longtime fans and serve as an introduction for newcomers. After finishing the 5-issue run, I then started buying more issues starring the teenage superhero. For the sequel, we’re most likely done with introductions and can jump straight into the meat of the story.   

2. A Growing Brand & Bigger Name

In recent news, The Hollywood Reporter mentioned there would be a Spider-Man project coming from Sony Pictures Animation. In the animated feature, the half black, half latino superhero will be voiced by actor Shameik Moore (The Get Down). Though the villain hasn’t been named, and knowing Liev Schreiber (Ray Donovan) is voicing the antagonist, I’m crossing my fingers and hoping he plays Kraven the Hunter.

3. Who’s The Real Miles Morales Of Earth-616?

SPOILERS but since the Spider-Men came out in 2012, you’ve had plenty of time to read the first installment. Towards the end, Parker returns to his own world, sits down in the front of the computer and searches for his sidekick. In the cliffhanger, Parker is so wide-eyed in shock but we don’t know what he actually saw. Will the sequel pick up where we last left off?

4. The Summer Blockbuster Event

Timing is everything and the release date for Spider-Men II is set for July. While Marvel is pushing for Secret Empire, as the Marvel superheroes attempt to take down the evil Captain America, I think Spider-Men II will be different and fun. Readers are still mad and feeling betrayed after seeing their favorite hero act as the bad guy, even if he’s being mind-controlled. I understand Nick Spencer’s political/social commentary, especially during these turbulent times, but the overall message is still doom and gloom; it’s hard to move away from that. Let’s hope Miles and Peter are a great comedic duo in costume.

5. The Creative Team

With Alias and Powers, Bendis knows how to move the action as well as delivering the hilarious one-liners. Sara Pichelli’s illustrations in Ultimate Spider-Man and Miles Morales are such a knockout. Knowing they are working together on Spider-Men II, this sequel is definitely going to be great read. 

Spider-Men II will be released sometime in July.