Actress Jane Fonda Talks ‘Grace And Frankie’ Season One DVD & Lily Tomlin! [INTERVIEW]

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Actress Jane Fonda Talks ‘Grace And Frankie’ Season One DVD & Lily Tomlin! [INTERVIEW]
By Jorge Solis ( | Apr 11, 2016 01:00 PM EDT


Lionsgate and Skydance Television are bringing the popular Nextflix series to DVD and digital. In an exclusive interview with MStars News, actress Jane Fonda talks about working with co-star Lily Tomlin in the upcoming second season and Grace and Frankie: Season One DVD.

The first season of Grace and Frankie follows two frenemies who form an unlikely bond. Their lives are flipped upside down when their husbands reveal they are gay and in love with each other! Grace (Fonda) and Frankie (Tomlin) will have to somehow face the next chapter of their lives after their divorces. With everything around them coming apart, the only thing these ladies can do is rely on is each other.

Before the first season of Grace and Frankie arrives on DVD and digital April 12, the two-time Academy Award winner reveals what her favorite episode is, working on the project as an executive producer, and what the show’s recognition means to her.

MStars News: After doing The Newsroom, what interested you about returning to television again?

Jane Fonda: Yeah, I’m 78 years old! Television is the way to go if you’re a female and you’re old. It is not often that we get really good roles when you’re my age. And with television, it’s also where the good writing is. A lot of the best writing is happening in television these days. So when the chance came along to work with Lily Tomlin, in a comedy like this, it was definitely something I was interested in!

MS: Tell me about switching heads between lead actress and executive producer?

JF: Well, I have produced many movies. I produced 9 to 5, One Golden Pond, Coming Home, you know I have produced a lot of successful movies, so I am used to changing hats.

MS: Is it a sigh of relief knowing the show has been picked up by Netflix till season 3?

JF: Absolutely! It is very exciting that our Netflix show is one of the top three most successful series! And what also surprises is that it is very popular among younger women!

MS: Which direction would you like to take Grace in the upcoming seasons?

JF: Well, you know I’m not supposed to give away the storyline! [Laughs] But, in the second season, it is really funny! I think it’s better than the first season! You know,I think we are getting our groove! We are finding this balance. You need this balance between comedy and realism. Because it not like a sitcom on network television. It has a lot of reality in it. And finding the right balance can take time. I think that the second season shows that we are finding that balance better.

MS: With the first season coming out on DVD, what is your favorite episode?

JF: Well, I like the first episode when we take peyote. It is the first episode. Yeah, I like it when we take the peyote together. I also like last episode.

MS: With the show gaining acclaim from the Emmy’s, Golden Globes, and Glaad, is it a sigh a relief as well? Or do you feel that you’re pushing yourself more with the recognition?

JF: We know that we are doing good, and that feels really good! We want to continue to be a hit you know. We want to continue to do this, as long as we possibly can.

Yes, I do continue to push myself as an actor. You know, I continually want to do better. You know, I feel like I am just starting out. I don’t feel like I’ve been doing this for 50 years, I feel like it’s like brand new and I have to really learn. I like the fact that I can do that. I am always scared that I am not going to be good enough. And I have to do it better. I take it quite seriously.

MS: Since you do such a great job juggling the comedy and the drama with Lily Tomlin, what is your favorite between the two?

JF: No, I like doing both! I like the challenge of trying to do both, you know. I started in my career in the beginning mostly doing comedy. And then people forgot that I used to do comedy. Because then I was mostly doing drama. But I like doing a combination.

MS: How many times have you been asked so far about a 9 to 5 reunion with Dolly Parton on your show?

JF: I’ve been asked a lot! But you know, 20th Century Fox owns rights and they don’t seem to be interested in doing a sequel.

MS: And what other projects are you working on now?

JF: I am doing a movie next fall with Robert Redford.

Grace and Frankie: Season One arrives on DVD and digital April 12, 2016. Season 2 of Grace and Frankie streams on Netflix May 6.