5 Thoughts On Jim Caviezel, Amy Acker’s ‘Person Of Interest’ Season 4 Episode 21-22 On CBS!

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By Jorge Solis (j.solis@mstarsnews.com) | May 09, 2015 09:00 PM EDT

Now that the Season 4 finale of Person of Interest aired on CBS, this is the perfect opportunity to look back on the two-parter. In Episode 21-22, Finch (Michael Emerson), Reese (Jim Caviezel) and Root (Amy Acker) went out in a blaze of glory as the war between two Artificial Intelligences, Samaritan and The Machine, took a shocking twist.

As we previously mentioned, the fourth season started with Team Machine getting used to their new identities. The group had to lay low or else they would be detected by Samaritan’s radar. But all things changed, when Shaw (Sarah Shahi) was taken prisoner by the mysterious Greer (John Nolan). The quest to find Shaw, the war between the Machine and Samaritan, all came full circle in the nail-biting two-parter.

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5) Elias Versus Dominic

In our recap of Asylum, the mob war led Reese and Elias (Enrico Colantoni) being captured by rival gangster, Dominic (Winston Duke). While Dominic and Elias were trying to outsmart each other, thankfully Fusco (Kevin Chapman) arrived in the nick of time with the calvary to arrest them. Even while they were riding in the backseat of a police van, those two mob bosses were still trying to one-up each other.

4) Fathers And Their Children

In our finale recap of YHWH, Finch was reluctant at first to get in the fight to save the dying Machine. But then, the Machine spoke to Finch asking for forgiveness after losing its way. Realizing that Machine is his creation and he indeed is the father, Finch risked his life to save his child. It all came down to a briefcase, which holds the key to the Machine’s survival.

3) Shaw, Is That You?

In Asylum, Finch and Root found themselves trapped in a mental institution, which happened to be the base of Samaritan’s operations. After searching for her nonstop, Root watched from afar as Shaw was being taken away to a different location. Was Shaw being taken away willingly? Or has she been brainwashed by Samaritan? Twitter had lots to say about seeing Shaw’s sudden appearance.

2) She Got Played

In part one, Asylum, Control (Camryn Manheim) discovered Samaritan was planning a terrorist attack entitled “Correction.” In part two, YHWH, the “Correction” was really Samaritan’s plan to get rid of the troublemakers, the traitors, and anyone else who opposed the Artificial Intelligence. Though Elias and Dominic were gunned down by the sharpshooter, Fusco managed to survive because he is seen “irrelevant” by Samaritan.

1) Welcome To the Machine

In the closing minutes, everything came down to Team Machine against an army of Samaritan’s agents. When Pink Floyd’s Welcome to the Machine started playing, Finch walked out in slow motion, with no gun, alongside Reese and Root as they started shooting Samaritan’s agents. I don’t know if there will be a Season 5 (crossing my fingers there will be) but this is the image, the three of them together in a blaze of glory, I want to remember of them.

The fourth season finale of Person of Interest aired on CBS.

Readers, what did you think of the season finale?