5 Reasons Guillermo Del Toro, Corey Stoll, Mía Maestro ‘The Strain’ Season 2 On FX Excites Us!

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By Jorge Solis (j.solis@mstarsnews.com) | Originally Published Jun 27, 2015 10:00 PM EDT

With July just a few days upon us, Season 2 of their horror/vampire thriller, The Strain, premieres onFX. Based on Guillermo Del Toro‘s bestselling novels, published by Dark Horse Comics, this is the perfect opportunity to check up on Ephraim Goodweather (Corey Stoll) and Nora Martinez (Mia Maestro) as they attempt to stop The Master.

As we previously mentioned, Eph and his team, which includes an old and retired vampire hunter, Abraham Setrakian, (David Bradley) and a rat exterminator, Vasiliy Fet (Kevin Durand), continue their investigation with the mysterious viral outbreak. The further they dig into the virus, the more they discover the hallmarks of an ancient and evil strain of vampirism. As the strain spreads through The Master and his right hand man, Thomas Eichorst (Richard Sammel), Eph and his team find themselves amongst an assembly of everyday New Yorkers, who are waging a war for the survival of humanity.

We have 5 reasons why we’re excited for The StrainSeason 2 here:

5) It’s All Going To Hell!

During the first season finale cliffhanger, Eph started drinking again after his son, Zach, witnessed his mother turn into a bloodsucking vampire. Feeling even more defeated, Eph saw the skyline of the Big Apple up in smokes and flames. Can Eph and his team save the city? Or is it going to be just like the movie and they’ll have to escape from New York?

4) Tough Guy Verses Tough Guy

When you watch the first season on Blu-Ray, watch how the Inglorious Basterds actor Richard Sammel just chews up the scenery as he plays the bad guy. And then you have the Games of Thronesactor David Bradley playing the action hero. This is a winning combination and when you have these two in the same scene together, it just screams out epic-ness.

3) Guillermo Del Toro Is Still Involved

Who else is excited to see the upcoming scary flick, Crimson Peak, in theaters? Before the Devil’s Backbone filmmaker freaks your eyes out with his period piece, Del Toro still has his hands dipped in the show, directing the prologue of the first episode, some second unit and will direct the black and white Mexican wrestler B-movie pictures that appear in the season. I cannot wait to see The Silver Angel played by Joaquín Cosío! Know your Mexican cinema and watch Hell (El Infierno), which features Cosio!

2) The Special Effects

First season blew me away because of the detailed and grotesque look of the vampires. You just want to cover your mouth when these bloodsuckers start attacking. Aw hell no! What the hell is that coming out of its mouth!?!

1) Nora The Badass!

Last season, Nora had to kill her own mother after she was bitten by a vamp. With her mother gone, what does she have to lose? Don’t expect her would-be boyfriend to help her because Eph has a lot of things on his mind, especially with an undead ex-wife. Nora depends on no man as she slays her way through a horde of vamps!

Season 2 ofThe Strain premieres July 12, 2015 on FX.

Readers, are you excited to see The Strain back?