“HACK/SLASH” #4 (Comic Review)

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Originally published at Fangoria.com on May 30, 2011

Action-packed and over-the-top bloody, HACK/SLASH #4 (Image Comics) is a knockout installment to this spectacular horror series. Vlad, the gentle giant, is no longer interested in being the sidekick of slasher slayer Cassie Hack. These two partners can no longer count on each other, especially when the other is in danger. As the partnership is coming to an end, their close friends are caught in the middle of a bloody war between two slashers! With the lives of their friends at stake, if these two teammates can work out their problems, they just might be able to save them…

During their previous battle with the Acid Angel, Cassie and Vlad were left beaten and frustrated. Still alive and even angrier than before, the Acid Angel lurks in the back of their van, waiting for the right moment to strike. With the Angel controlling his thoughts, Vlad suddenly loses control of the steering wheel. Could the lives and partnership of these slasher hunters suddenly end with a fatal car crash?

Cat Curio continues to give many reasons as to why she was introduced to readers. At the beginning of the miniseries, Cat started off as a wannabe Nancy Drew detective. Cat surprisingly presented her charming personality and delivered hilarious one-liners. To prove her worth in a fight, she brawled against a horde of undead deer, flesh-eating “Bambis” and zombie fish.

With the friends of Cassie and Vlad in danger, Cat is the only one who can actually help them. But this supernatural detective also has problems of her own to deal with. Now she comes face to face with the monster who put her in a coma, Samhain. Will she finally have her revenge against Samhain or will she become a victim again?

Creator and author Tim Seeley perfectly transitions between the two subplots, driving the action at full speed. Cat Curio stands out from the ensemble cast, with a quirky behavior that flawlessly fits with the horror/comedy. With lots of adventures to further explore, this critic hopes Cat will win her own comic. At the same time, Seeley takes away characters and builds new grounds for his series. Sacrifices are made in the end, which will definitely change Hack/Slash Inc. As the first story arc comes to a close, readers will be anxiously awaiting to see what happens in the ongoing saga.

The phenomenal artwork by Daniel Leister and the brilliant colors of Mark Englert deserve soaring praise. This issue’s highlight is the battle for survival among the group of outcasts. Heads are ripped off, people are stabbed at and bodies are burned alive. Comic book fans are absolutely going to get a rush out of these pages.

Everything comes crashing down on Cassie and Vlad, the slasher slayers, in HACK/SLASH #4! Who lives and who dies will be in the minds of readers. No matter who survives at the last page, consequences will definitely be felt for a long time. Regular followers will be talking about their fan-favorite characters being killed off. Don’t miss out on all the fun to one of the best horror comic books out there!