“HACK/SLASH” #2 (Comic Review)

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originally published at Fangoria.com on March 19, 2011

HACK/SLASH #2 (Image Comics), the newest installment in the latest series, continues to keep readers fully immersed with its multiple plotlines. Vlad, the slasher slayer, is having second thoughts about being Cassie Hack’s loyal sidekick. Plagued with doubts, he just might leave the slasher slaying business. Without his strength and friendship, can Cassie possibly continue the business of saving screaming teenagers? Readers are kept guessing as the internal conflicts heat up to a boiling point!

Cassie and Vlad originally thought they were on the hunt for a makeout slasher. Unfortunately, what they should have been tracking for is the Acid Angel. Just one touch from this seraph and your skin will instantly melt. Hack and Cassie dealt with the Acid Angel previously, but now question how she could have resurrected.

Acid Angel has plans of her own for the two slasher hunters. She intends to pit them against each other. Though she is resilient and a fighter, Cassie isn’t completely immune to her supernatural powers. With the Acid Angel playing her like a puppet, Cassie has no choice but to viciously attack her partner. Vlad, the gentle giant, is incapable of fighting someone he truly cares about.

Because his body is stronger, the Angel’s powers have no effect on Vlad. Since this loyal beast will not bend to her control, she considers him quite useless. The Acid Angel prefers to taunt Vlad and mess around with his head. She constantly reminds him how unwanted Cassie makes him feel. Vlad doesn’t want to hear this but deep down, he knows those lies might be true.

Elsewhere, paranormal detective Cat Curio finds herself in a heap of trouble. Trapped in a bad nightmare, she faces undead animals coming out of the dirt. These undead forest critters drool at the sight of her tasty flesh. Stuck in the same situation with the Pumpkin-faced Man, they both need each other to escape. Even if this masked killer saves her from the undead creatures, he will finish Cat off afterward.

Creator and author Tim Seeley (pictured above) further hints at the possible break-up between Vlad and Cassie. After dealing with the mind games played by Acid Angel, Vlad will finally speak his mind. Could Vlad probably be lashing out at Cassie because he’s still under Angel’s spell? Or is he saying those things from the heart? This critic is interested in watching how the relationship develops in the next issue.

Your eyes will be instantly drawn to HACK/SLASH #2’s flashy artwork by Daniel Leister and the bright colors of Mark Englert. The main attraction of this issue is the bloody battle between The Pumpkin-faced Man and the undead animals. The masked psycho slices and dices his way through the forest creatures with his knife. Then you have to see what Cat does to his eye!

For nonstop entertainment, HACK/SLASH #2 continues to impress with its well-written story arc. The relationship between Vlad and Cassie is heading toward a major turning point. Regular followers will undoubtedly be excited to see where the series might be heading. Don’t miss a single issue from one of the best horror comic books out there!