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Originally published at Fangoria.com on June 19, 2011

GRIMM FAIRY TALES: THE DREAM EATER SAGA #1 (Zenescope Entertainment) is an ambitious start to a bleak and grand-scale fantasy adventure. At the beginning of the apocalypse, a group of characters are gathering for the upcoming battle between good and evil. Unprepared for their fight, heroes and villains are choosing sides against a bloodthirsty and violent menace. This is a thrilling crossover event that will expand into all the titles under Zenescope comics.

Thane, a brooding and reckless soldier, foolishly enters the Cave of Shadows. After making this drastic decision, Thane can never go back to the life he once had. With war imminent, Thane completely understands that a price must be paid with a sacrifice. To begin the ritual, blood is drawn as Thane slides his hand through the blade.

A glowing shooting star rockets through the skies, flying past different worlds. Pushing its way through, the Dream Eater crosses dimensions, as the creature heads towards a single and precise destination. When the Dream Eater lands on Earth, its birth is silent, a whisper in the empty wind. This is the calm before the storm as death is coming for the rest of humanity.

Driven by madness and vengeance, the Dream Eater will tear out the eyes of its victims and feast on their liver. Out of fear and indifference, the protectors of Earth have no intentions of intervening against the Dream Eater. These protectors will only observe and watch as humanity dies slowly. With its hunger insatiable, dead bodies are already starting to pile as the Dream Eater travels across states.

Authors Raven Gregory (THE WAKING), Joe Brusha and Ralph Tedesco pour on the narrative momentum, gradually building the suspense. The assembly of characters have been collected and given a specific role, and the authors wisely introduce new readers to various players in a simple fashion. As the 12-part miniseries continues, each protagonist will have their own confrontation against the Dream Eater.

The alluring artwork by Roberto Viacava definitely deserves major attention. He treats readers to well-drawn creepy scenarios and stylized violence, and illustrates each major protagonist with an elaborate character design. Delivering the goods, the Dream Eater’s first attack against humanity takes place in a room littered with body parts. The major highlight is the gripping images of the Dream Eater chewing away at its victims.

An epic effort, GRIMM FAIRY TALES: THE DREAM EATER SAGA #1 is a terrific kickoff to a dark and violent fantasy adventure. The Dream Eater has been released and is stalking Earth’s inhabitants, claiming its first victim. And readers can order this and future issues at the official Zenescope website.