“GREEN WAKE” #2 (Comic Review)

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Originally published at Fangoria.com on April 30, 2011

GREEN WAKE #2 (Image Comics) is a riveting murder mystery filled with crazy plot twists and even crazier characters. A paranoid detective continues his search for a brutal killer. Plagued by painful flashbacks, the worn-out detective seems unable to find a way out of his town, as if the entire place is trapping him inside. Readers will undoubtedly be taken away by the amazing artwork and engaging storytelling found here.

No matter what the cost, Green Wake is a town where citizens keep their dark secrets hidden. Rather than talk to other people, residents prefer to shut themselves inside their room. Ariel used to be a quiet, soft-spoken girl until she became obsessed with the search for Babylon, which may or may not exist. Ariel will stop at nothing, even if it means killing someone to find out if Babylon is actually real. 

In the previous issue, the first murder victim was missing half his face because his lips were torn off. A second murder has now taken place in Green Wake. With deadly precision, the fingers were cut open vertically. The killer even pulled bones from the flesh. Detective Morley Mack realizes he has to stop Ariel, his only suspect, before she continues her murder spree.

Burdened by painful memories of his wife’s death, Mack has difficulty letting go of the past. Suddenly, the widower sees his dead wife standing in the middle of the streets. Drenched in blood, she is wearing her wedding dress. Hypnotized by his hallucination, Mack has to follow her because she is leading him toward his next clue. 

How is Mack’s wife connected to this case? With evidence missing, how will Mack be able to solve this case? Is Ariel the real culprit in this case? Or, are there actually two killers involved? This follow-up issue sets up a longer list of interesting questions that will keep readers coming back for more! 

Author Kurtis J. Wiebe (THE INTREPIDS) vividly creates a living and breathing character with the surroundings of Green Wake. Barely used in the first issue, readers finally get to see Mack’s tough-as-nails partner, Krieger, in action. During an interrogation, in swift and quick moves, Krieger hastily takes down a junkie with a knife. This action sequence explains why this odd-looking partner is necessary for the investigation and wisely adds more depth to Mack’s personality.

Artist Riley Rossmo (PROOF) cleverly uses colors to create a haunting and feverish dream. Brown represents the past and green symbolizes the present, while red stands for violence. Though difficult to explain, the highlight of this issue is Mack’s interrogation of Green Wake’s Senator. The character design of the Senator is unbelievably weird and eye-catching at the same time.  

GREEN WAKE #2 is a can’t-miss read for comic book. This is an engrossing horror mystery with a weird setting and sinister characters. The shocking cliffhanger will absolutely make you say out loud, “What the hell?” The last image will definitely stay in your mind long after you’ve finished reading. It’s available next week, and you don’t want to be left out of this great mystery.