“EPOCH” #1 (Comic Review)

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Originally published at Fangoria.com on Sept. 10, 2011

EPOCH #1 (Top Cow Productions) is a fantastic murder mystery where supernatural creatures are pitted against each other. While a war is brewing between angels and demons, unrelenting detective Jonah Wright is on the prowl for a vicious killer. When a demon murders someone dearly close to him, Wright will go through every monster to get to the assassin. 

Wright and his partner have been closely following a series of murders. Based on the crime photos, the victims look like they have been nastily torn apart by a wild animal. The only clue these detectives have leads back to an important congresswoman who refuses to cooperate. Is she holding back an important clue? Why is she so interested in immunity?      

After an address is given to them, Wright and his partner quickly arrive at the next crime scene, only to find a dead body. Wright carefully studies the dead man’s chest, which has been sliced open, while the mysterious killer is crawling on the ceiling. But just when he’s spotted by Wright, the killer suddenly turns into a blazing creature and tries to rip Wright’s heart out from his chest. Since he was a kid, Wright thought monsters used to hide in the closets. Now dying, he realizes just how wrong he was.

Right before drifting into unconsciousness, though, Wright witnesses his partner spreading his wings and transforming into an angel! High above the streets, the angel and fiery demon fight in the sky. The only way to defeat an angel is to chop off its wings. Wright’s partner howls in pain as a sword is plunged straight through his heart.

 Writer Kevin McCarthy delivers a police procedural with supernatural elements. EPOCH is also a traditional revenge tale, as Detective Wright goes on a never-ending search for his partner’s killer. Consumed with vengeance, Wright will do anything it takes to find the culprit. Paolo Pantalena’s glossy artwork is a joy, with the highlight being the battle between the angel and demon. And the colors by Jorge Fares punctuate the emotional distress in the panels, especially in the opening narration. EPOCH #1, the first of a five-issue mini-series, establishes an interesting murder mystery with a list of possible suspects.