“30 DAYS OF NIGHT: NIGHT, AGAIN #1” (Comic Review)

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Originally published at Fangoria.com on May 21, 2011

Absolutely recommended, horror fans should not miss out on 30 DAYS OF NIGHT: NIGHT, AGAIN #1 (IDW Publishing). Originally created by Steve Niles and Ben Templesmith, this horror comic takes the 30 DAYS series to an utterly insane and twisted direction. In the ongoing battle between human and vampires, another infestation has taken place in the cold and wilds of Alaska. From the creative minds of award-winning author Joe R. Lansdale (THE DRIVE-IN, BUBBA HO-TEP) and legendary artist Sam Kieth (THE MAXX), this is the perfect team-up of story and art.

In Barrow, Alaska, a group of bloodsuckers have left a gory trail of mass destruction. These hungry parasites have ripped off the limbs and heads of their screaming victims. The leader of this monstrous pack is patiently waiting for the sun to set down for the last time and nightfall to begin forever. Even though her belly is full, she will always wake up hungry.

After luckily escaping, Trudy wanders with the last remaining survivors across a landscape of white snow. Not by choice, Trudy is unfortunately named the leader and has to bravely protect her people from the vampires, who will not stop hunting them. Armed only with a gun and a few bullets, she has to reach a town 100 miles away from Barrow. With no cell service and a rough terrain up ahead, her only plan is to find the single road that leads to town and find shelter.

With no intentions of slowing down, the vampires are quickly gaining on the escapees. The vicious vamps are breaking into homes, nailing their victims to the walls and drinking their blood. Trudy intends to help her group find salvation. When they are finally rested and safe, she will go back alone and kill every one of the monsters.

As the author, Lansdale knows how to keep the simple plot engaging. As always, Lansdale’s dialogue is perfectly sharp and snappy. Readers will find it interesting with how the author compares the two female leaders. Trudy is like the female vampire because she is coldhearted for revenge. Both leaders will do anything to protect their clan and will even take the extra step to make their authority feel known.

The artwork by Kieth is definitely worth the price alone! Kieth’s illustrations add a whole new level of terror and ambience. These vampires are hyper-fast and happily drown their mouths in blood. The colors by Jay Fotos enhance the dreariness of the icy scenery. You will not be able to put this comic book down after taking a look at these pages!

Go to your stores now and get your mitts on 30 DAYS OF NIGHT: NIGHT, AGAIN #1. With Lansdale’s fast dialogue and Kieth’s excellent artwork, readers are going to have an entertaining thrill ride. NIGHT, AGAIN is a phenomenal start to a spectacular four-issue miniseries! From start to finish, you will undoubtedly enjoy this comic book.